The Noble County Scholars Fund is a scholarship for
the students of Noble County, Ohio.

It was founded in honor of Ron Hill,
and funded through the generosity of his family and friends.

“Always remember your name.”

About Ron

Ronald C. Hill grew up in Caldwell, Ohio, with his eleven brothers and sisters. He studied civil engineering at the University of Cincinnati, and was a very successful business owner in Miamisburg, Ohio. Ron often said he was just lucky, but in reality his success came from his character and skills.

Ron was always as good as his word, he worked hard without complaint, he found great joy in small things, he was humble and truthful, he never compromised his principles, he was enormously generous, and above all else he put family first. Ron taught his two children to “always remember your name,” which meant remembering and honoring where (and who) you came from, and finding your pride in integrity.

Ron always called Caldwell “home,” and in honor of that his family and friends support the students of Noble County as they reach their educational goals.

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